Your Wildlife Problem Is Our #1 Priority

What our happy
customers are saying

Your Wildlife Problem Is Our #1 Priority

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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

Bryan did a fantastic job humanely live trapping a mother skunk and her 7 babies at my house, releasing them together as a family into the forest. Great communication, I highly recommend hiring Stone River if you need animals safely and humanely relocated!

Eric Powers

Thank you so much for a job well done! This is an amazing northern Minnesota business and one I feel you will want to hire. We were having problems with critters getting into our home. Bryan identified the access points, humanely (live) trapped the animals, and sealed the entrance points into our home.

It is refreshing to find a northern Minnesota business with a robust website. Through the website, it was easy to find information about the business, make contact with the owner and easy to make payment at the conclusion of services. As an added bonus, Bryan was easy to contact by telephone and very responsive to voice messages.

Stone River Wildlife Control is definitely on my contact list for future needs. A wonderful experience. I highly recommend them!

Anthony J.

Bryan and Stone River are highly recommended. Very personable, reasonable and reliable. Humanely trapped and removed two adult skunks. Will use again, but hopefully won’t have the need!

Bill Snoeyenbos Lakewood

They were prompt, efficient and super helpful! Thanks.

- from Willow River

If you don’t have stone river on your speed dial, or in your contacts, add them now. Bryan is amazing at what he does.

Last year he successfully removed upwards of 30 skunks from our yard; country living at its finest, and this spring, when a very pregnant mama waddled towards our shed, he came out and was successfully again.

Just the other day I happened to notice skunk holes in the front of our yard, so I sent him a text and he was here the next day. Two skunks later, but thinking there are more, the other traps were empty and rolled. I thought the neighbors cat, but Bryan said raccoon. He was right.

For those keeping score at home, we are at about 34ish skunks and 2 raccoons!

But beyond that, Bryan is great! He’s very knowledgeable. He can assess a situation by description and he has yet to be wrong. And I know he’s busy, so it’s nice to shoot him a text – full/empty traps – to save him a stop.

My advice- don’t try to do it yourself, save it for the professionals!


I called Stone River because we actually had bats that some how got into our house. A total of four over a two month timeline and I did not want to go through that again. Bryan happened to be in my area when I called him. He showed us where they were entering the house (not where we thought at all) and immediately took care of it. So nice to have that peace of mind of no more bats. He was very professional and informative, and gave us a lot of information on skunks and raccoons also. I would have no hesitation in calling him again if another problem came up.

Nancy P

I am so glad I was referred to Stone River for my squirrel problem. I got immediate attention and they didn’t quit until the problem was solved, even stopping out at 8pm to recheck the live traps! I am very impressed with this business and will not hesitate to call them again in the future if needed.

Debbie W

I was so appreciative of the wonderful work Stone did to remove the skunks from my yard. I did not know there was more than one making a home under my shed. It took a bit but it was worth it. I liked that he didn’t mind answering all my questions. He explained everything he was doing and why. He even went above and beyond when we could not catch the 3rd skunk due to being trap shy. He put in a ton of work and raised my shed so that the skunk would leave and not return. I am beyond happy with their work and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you again.

Anna D

Recommend!!!! This spring we heard a noise at like 2am right above our heads in our attic. Scared us so bad. I messaged an exterminator for help online because we had no idea who to contact at 2am and they somehow hooked us up with Stone River the next day. Brian called us right away and came to see what the problem was even though he was on his way home. Brian did an amazing job removing a raccoon and 4 of her babies from our attic. He was prompt, professional and effective. I have no idea what we would’ve done otherwise! Would definitely hire again!!

Trisha S

I highly recommend Stone River Wildlife Control. I called in a panic on a Friday around noon and Brian was there as soon as possible that evening. He is friendly, persistent, and did a wonderful job removing flying squirrels. He will be my first call for future wildlife removal!!

Kelsey P