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We had a lot of squirrel activity and noises at our 4 plex home in Duluth. Brian was extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and so attentive and eager to help us with our squirrel and mice problems. Brian came and returned on many days to check in. Brian caught and removed 2 flying squirrels and 1 gray squirrel, sealed the entrance point and much more!

Brian's quick response to our pest issues were extremely appreciated. What fantastic service we received, great conversations and his professional knowledge and love of his job. It was a pleasure to get to know Brian. I have already shared with our family and friends about Stone River Wildlife Control and Brian. Thank you so very much Brian. Top notch service for sure. 10 out of 10 stars! Brian has our recommendation and will be our #1 referral to others.

Thank you Brian.

Jay and LeVearne Hagen

LeVearne H


Highly recommend Stone River Wildlife Control! We called early on a Sunday morning with a live squirrel stuck in our fireplace. The team made it to our home in an hour, and successfully removed the squirrel and was able to release him. They also recommended a chimney improvement to avoid future squirrel problems. Thanks!

Jessie P


We were freaking out about a lot of squirrel noise and activity all of a sudden in our attic. Dead of winter. Unable to access entry point the squirrels used to get into our attic. We called Stone River. Brian quickly trapped and relocated FIFTEEN squirrels. He was diligent about checking/resetting the traps. Thankfully we don't have to worry anymore about the destructive chewing on structure and wiring or coming thru the ceiling on us! Brian will be back in the spring to permanently seal up the hole. Reasonably priced, reliable service!

Terry B


Bryan was quick to respond to our pest issue, was thorough, and was personable despite being a Vikings fan. I will refer him to my friends.

Brian A


Bryan Lennartson very friendly and did a awesome job tyvm

Nance B.


I can't thank Stone River staff enough for solving my animal control problems in Duluth. Bryan was professional and sensitive to my situation and offered great service. He always answered his phone no matter what the time of day or night. You will not be disappointed.

Letha D.


Thank you so much for the fantastic service you provide!! The skunks (3) are gone and we no longer have to worry about our dogs being sprayed. Bryan was wonderful to work with!

Michelle S.


Great service, very knowledgeable, and friendly!

Brian O.


Bryan went above and beyond to help us keep the pigeons from nesting on our roof. He put up hardware cloth and you can't even see it unless you are really looking for it, plus it works wonderfully! Also, he is an incredibly friendly guy. He was such a pleasure to work with!



Bryan is wonderful to work with; flexible, kind, professional and incredibly responsive while respecting the well being of humans and four leggeds (or what have you). I highly recommend!



Bryan accomplished a task that I have spent hours on varous methods to rid our home of roosting pigeons. They are gone, thanks to his wisdom and expecience how pigeons think and form habits to maintain their roosting location. They are gone. He indicated they may return in a year or so, now I know who to call.

Bob O


I was SO impressed with Bryan & his service!! We had a bit of a skunk problem under our front entryway, turned out he trapped Mama Skunk, her 5 babies & a surprise Woodchuck!! Super impressed with his service and would for sure hire him again if I need!



My husband and I were awakened at 4am by an unwelcomed visitor. We called wildlife control at 8am and despite them having the day off, He came to our rescue and promptly got our bat friend out of the house. I appreciate their humane approach and make sure not to hurt the animals. I absolutely recommend them and will be calling them if need be!!



I woke up one day, heard some noises in our upstairs sun porch and found that a flying squirrel and their kin folk moved in! I called Stone River the next day and Bryan came out. He found several entry points in the eaves, set traps and sealed everything. Bryan was punctual, knew what he was doing and was very professional. Don't bother with a shotgun, or any other do it yourself method. Bryan's method is a much better solution! He made sure the job was done to his and our satisfaction. A rarity these days. Thanks again Bryan!

Steve Z


If there were 6 stars I would give all 6 stars and more for the superb service provided. Early one Friday morning I heard a critter running around in the attic above my bed. After calling several pest companies I learned that squirrels are not pests and therefore require separate action. Stone River was recommended and after calling in a panic, Bryan readjusted his schedule and came out that afternoon to set traps in the attic. He then came out on Saturday afternoon (on his way to a graduation party) because he follows the rules that traps must be checked after 24 hours. Because he is so dedicated to provide the best service possible he also came out on Monday to patch some holes, etc. I really cannot express enough how amazed I was at the incredible service he provided, and always with a smile. The world needs more Bryans.

Lois C


We had a super smart skunk on our hands and I was worried about spending the summer in fear my three boys would get sprayed. It took some time but in the end Bryan got her! You can tell he loves his job! My boys were constantly following him around and asking him a ton of questions - and he answered all of them with a smile. They're pretty bummed our trapping adventures are over! Highly recommend - he really went above and beyond in service!

Michelle M


We had a quick response and amazing service. Brian was competent and personable, our sincere appreciation!

Robb and Lynda G


Stone River did a very good job of removing two skunks that I caught and at a good price.

Chuck S


Bryan did a excellent job now we don't have to worry about the skunk anymore I would recommend him to other people.

John M


Mice in kitchen drawers and beyond and thanks to Brian Of Stone River they are GONE. The timely and persistent and courteous service was outstanding! Plus the sensitivity to my desire for humane treatment is so much appreciated!

Jo A


I called Stone on a Friday Morning, and he was out at my home that afternoon. He set traps, patched the small hole, and now there are no more critters in the roof! I would highly recommend him!



I had a critter problem In my eaves. I called Stone River first thing in the morning. He was at my house by 10:45 and immediately found the problem. He removed 5 squirrels and covered the entrance point. He is professional and efficient. I highly recommend him!

Joni P


Fast, professional, effective. Called Stone about our beaver problem on Tuesday morning, problem was wrapped up by Wednesday at lunch.



Stone River Wildlife Control is very professional, and understands animal behavior. My red squirrel was quickly trapped and removed along with raccoons and numerous gray squirrels. Stone River Wildlife Control did a great job. I'm very grateful - it's a wonderful service! He takes the stress out of home ownership.

Cathy M


Unbelievable service- highly recommend. Called Stone Monday morning about a squirrel problem in our soffit. Tuesday Stone called me at noon and said he captured four squirrels and he even sent me a picture of the caged squirrels. Very prompt and professional. The rate he charged is literally a fraction of other quotes I got. One place in Superior was going to charge me $125 to set up the cages and then $100 each time they checked the cages. I received other quotes four times the amount Stone charged. His was a flat rate for the entire job. Very satisfied with the entire process. Thanks again.



We're always impressed with Stone's prompt service and follow through. Highly recommended.

Tim J


Fast professional service, highly recommended! Stone did a great job removing a skunk from our deck. within hours of our call.

Dave B


Something scratching inside the chimney! Stone knew just what to do and had the right equipment along with him. In just minutes, the squirrel was out of our chimney and into a cage ready for gentle relocation. We are fortunate to have this service available in our community at reasonable rates. Thank you for helping us and the squirrel.



I recently contacted Stone about a skunk that had been living under my porch. He responded immediately and was able to come and assess the situation a few days later. He gave me advice on how to deal with the remaining odor and explained in detail how to set up a barrier to keep additional animals from finding their way under the porch. I'm extremely grateful for his quick response and advice. I would highly recommend his services.



Stone came right away, was very professional, and did a great job. He was going to relocate a nuisance bobcat that made its way into our chicken pen (didn't get any of the chickens as they were locked inside the coop), but found that the animal had porcupine quills in it's mouth and paw so he decided to bring it to Wildwoods rehab to be checked out. He did what was in the best interest of the bobcat.



I am more than happy with the service I received from Stone. He was very courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable about my rabbit problem. He also quoted me a very fair price over the phone, and when I got the bill it was considerably less than anticipated. I would highly recommend his services!

Craig F


Stone was very prompt. He removed two flying squirrels from our cabin. We are very happy!

Teri C


We were extremely stressed to have a squirrel confined to a room in the house. I called Stone River and he took the time, as he was leaving town, to stop by and remove it. Squirrel and customer were both very happy! Thank you!

Rhonda L


Mine was a frustrating job, a total of 10 squirrels and one stubborn raccoon. Stone kept coming back and setting traps until all the critters were gone from the attic. Then he sealed it up. Stone is kind and professional, and knows the ways of critters. I recommend him without reservation.

Cyndi B


Stone River responded immediately, and professionally assessed our issue, along with taking the time to educate us on our problem. Definitely recommend this company!!!

Heather A


Saved. Forest the bear ely Mn
Small cub in Distress got the cub help. Thank you so much

Mary W


Thank you for all you did yesterday to drive all the way to Ely and do such an amazing rescue of the little bear cub in the tree!
I was following from early on.
Great job. That little cub owes his life to 3 Angels. He would NOT have made it much longer.
God Bless you!

Glenda H


Had three gigantic Norway rats taken care of! Third one was free! All done within a few days!



What a wonderful compassionate guy. We've called him several times, very prompt, proffesional, and most of all compassionate. Very knowledgeable, explaining to us the problem/condition of the animal. Very thankful for your humane service.

Roberta S


Stone was prompt, efficient, and professional. He obviously cared for the welfare of the squirrels he removed for us. I highly recommend him.

Dave B


Stone was fast and efficient eliminating our beaver problem the same day that we called.Answers his phone when you call and calls back with the results, my wife and l highly recommend him for any animal problems that you might have.

Rich C


Stone was so prompt and knowledgeable about the squirrel and mouse problems at my cabin. Stone's background in construction combined with his wildlife knowledge is the perfect combination for protecting my cabin from little wildlife. He found multiple squirrel access points, plugged the holes, and id'd where squirrels came near the cabin from the trees. He offered live trapping and relocation or trapping.
I am grateful and relieved to have my problem solved affordably!
Thank you, Stone!

Carol K


I really appreciated the fast service provided. Traps were set same day that I contacted the company. Trap quickly picked up after skunk was trapped.



I had a renter call and say he heard something scurrying around in the attic, I called Stone River Wildlife Control and he was able to come over on the same day. We inspected the exterior and the attic and couldn't find anything obvious but I appreciated the attention to detail and expertise.

Tad J


I called Stone because I heard a squirrel above my ceiling tiles in my kitchen, by the time he came, the squirrel had left. (after a lot of screaming). Stone came and patched the hole. My piece of mind returned. I'll use him again, hopefully I won't have to.

Donna Mac D


I witnessed a skunk go under my shed on Sunday. I called Stone on Monday. He was here within the afternoon setting traps. He caught the skunk on Monday night. Tuesday morning he was here @ 8am checking the traps, removing the skunk, and installing barrier so no-one else can take up residence! Let me also add that it was raining Tuesday and he just kept right on working in the rain! He is very efficient and personable! He was also $150 cheaper than one of the competitions I called!

Sherri S


If you have want great service, fast! Then Stone is your man. He is very capable, clean on time and absolutely a Professional in every way.

Jim C


Very prompt reply to my voicemail. Was able to come over almost immediately. Very friendly and allowed me to watch and take tips on how to handle myself to ensure rats would be eliminated and how to prepare so they don't infest again. Also made sure my chickens were safe during the work.



Would recommend him too anyone. Very friendly and time efficient and excellent at what he does!



He listened to my problem when I needed his help. A holiday, weekend no one would help me but him. I recommend for anyone needing help removing a wild animal. Kept us safe and the animal so he could relocate it.



I had a skunk on my property and he removed it right away for me so my dog wouldn't get sprayed. Very professional manner! Appreciate all the help!



My dog got skunked, so the next morning at 7am I gave Stone a call. He not only answered but set the traps that same afternoon. After 2 nights, skunk was successfully trapped and removed. Pricing very reasonable. Definitely would call again (fingers crossed there wont be a need though).



We had bat issues recently at our cabin and found Stone's company online. He responded promptly and assessed the situation thoroughly. He sent us pictures and kept us informed, as we live in the cities. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. We highly recommend him and plan to use his services again in the future.



Stone is the best. He is thorough and he is eager to get the job done! Thanks Stone for peace of mind. Lois G.

Lois G


Stone is a refreshing reminder of what great customer service use to be like. Extremely knowledgeable and reasonably priced, Pleasure to work with.

Tim L


These fellows are great. Professionals. Would use again. Needed bat, wasp, and pigeon control.

John G


A neighbor had noticed a family of skunks in our backyard on a Wednesday evening. They were living in a crawl space in the back of our house. I didn't know what to do and thankfully I found the ad for Stone River Wildlife Control. I called the next day and Stone came out that afternoon. By Friday, he had removed 8 skunks from our property. I was thrilled! Due to his prompt response to my situation, I didn't need to worry when my son and his new puppy arrived for a week long stay the same day the skunks were removed. Stone took the time to answer my numerous questions. He also was kind enough to cover up the hole that the skunks had created to get to their hiding spot. I am so pleased that I chose to call Stone and I highly recommend him to anyone else having similar problems!

Judy B


Stone came on the same day that I called. He assessed the situation - squirrels had gnawed their way into my attic - and explained it to me. He suggested a course of action and did what he could right on site for a fair and low price. I really appreciate Stone, his work, and his humane methods.

Mia O B


My father passed away in January and I live in TN. I was at his home trying to clean it out when I heard the raccoons in the chimney.
I called Stone and he came out in about an hour and worked awfully hard to get the buggers. Turned out it wasn't just a raccoon. It was a mother and 4 babies! They were only a couple of weeks old.
Afterwards he was nice enough to go to the store to get chimney caps for me(actually had to go to 2 stores as they first only had one), came back to my dad's house and put them on for me.
He is a wonderful guy doing wonderful things with care and consideration. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kristine S


Someone Spotted a Raccoon on the roof of our business. We were given the name of Stone River and it was the best experience two Hairstylists could ever have .As two people who have worked in a customer service business, this service was over the top. We are now Raccoon free and cannot say enough how easy for us this was.Thank You so much !!!!

Lynn Levine and Susie J


Stone was an extreme pleasure to work with, very professional and extremely dedicated to trapping our skunks. We had a mother and 7 babies. Stone had to come to our home at least 6 times to get all skunks which to me was true dedication. Stone's prices were a wonderful deal. We would and will highly recommend Stone for pest removal services. Stone always made us feel extremely comfortable.

John And Sue F


Stone came to our home, live trapped and relocated a skunk who had made its home under our garage. He took care of this within 24 hours of our contact him. The next we realized that had left 5 baby skunks without their mother. Stone returned to our home and relocated the five babies again within 24 hours. I trust it was a happy reunion.

Judy G


I had squirrels in my attack and was very happy with stone rivers performance on getting rid of them for me. He was also very reasonable on the amount he changed. I would refer him to all people who have rodent problems.



I had a squirrel nesting in my eves/walls. I called Stone and he was out right away. He knew exactly what he was doing and removed a momma and three baby squirrels! Stone was so fast to respond, friendly and made multiple trips to my home. He cared a lot about the work and was very affordable. I would highly recommend Stone for any critter problems!

Matthew L


Stone Boulanger is amazing. He was sent to rescue 3 orphaned black bear cubs. He was truly professional, using the most humane methods to capture them in the top of a white pine tree and get them to a rehabilitation facility. His experience with bears has given him an outlook on bears that is humane and far beyond the suppositions and conventional wisdom of many professionals.

Lynn Rogers bear b


I highly recommend Stone. I called him when I saw it was skunks living under my shed. He is very professional, kind and courteous. He removed 3 skunks from my property humanely and moved them to a safe place. I will recommend Stone to others who are needing critters removed safely. I am very happy to give Stone a 5 star rating.

Anita M


Fantastic customer service. Stone thorough and prompt in eliminating several squirrels in our eave. He used live traps and humanely released them away from the area.

Furthermore, he took the extra step of repairing the eave which was above and beyond our expectations. Also, he had to make several trips until all the varmints were captured. Most importantly, he was here when he said he would be so there was no waiting around.

I would highly recommend Stone River for your needs.

John K


Squirrels had been making a mess of my storage garage in Cloquet for years. This was the year I decided to resolve the problem, and I wasn't looking forward to it. I saw Stone's truck one day, memorized the number and gave a call. He was out the next morning and had a plan to remove the squirrels and seal the building for a very reasonable price. The next day, the squirrels were humanely removed and the building sealed. Great job! Amazing how smoothly the job went. Stone is an expert, humane, friendly, and his price is very fair. Thanks for your help. Highly recommend



I called Stone River this morning, he came out soon after. My problem started last night. My dog got sprayed by a skunk. Then in the morning my Satellite company came out to fix it because I had no service. When they got here I told them about my dog. They said the skunk was under my house and they couldn't fix anything because of it. When Stone came out he let me know I didn't have a skunk under the house, it was just the smell from the spray and that it was deer mice that chewed through my cables. I am sure glad I don't have a skunk under the house. He also told me how to get rid of the deer mice and took care of it for me. I now have to wait for the Satellite people to come out again but problem solved on the critter thing. He was very fast coming out, courteous, knew what he was doing and explained everything. A very nice experience. I would call him again.

Rusty B


i called stone and he was here soon after i called. what a nice guy to deal with. i would highly recommend him. thanks again.



I was freaking out when the snow melted and we saw all this pigeon poop on our roof outside our bedroom window. I called Stone on Monday, he was here the next morning and dealt with it without harming the little punks. Very reasonable fees as well. I recommend him 100% and sure hope I won't be having to call him again anytime soon.

Claire in D


Stone has been to our home several times over the last few years. Once to help us trap a feral cat living on our property and then most recently to help trap a female ermine who decided to take up residence in our garage. Our new resident seemed quite content to remain in our garage despite several attempts to encourage her to leave. We became somewhat concerned about even entering our garage as this ermine was quite a fierce little creature who appeared determined to make our garage her new territory. Fortunately Stone is knowledgeable and compassionate about nearly all area animals. Stone set several traps in our garage and the next morning our resident ermine was successfully and humanely trapped. Stone transported the ermine to a more suitable habitat away from the busy road where we live. We remain thankful for Stone's prompt response to our phone calls and his knowledge and professionalism regarding area wildlife.

Laurie L


I called Stone River on a Sunday and he and his lovely wife came over and rescued a Starling that found its way into a closed room inside my house. I was pretty frantic because I wasn't sure what it was that was making all the noise. Stone was able to quickly remove the bird and give me my peace of mind back!! His response to my plea was quick. He and his wife were very pleasant and friendly and the cost was minimal for emergency service. I highly recommend calling Stone River if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Diane M


We had a great experience with Stone. Super easy to communicate with and he was able to come out the same day I called. Glad to say our skunk is now gone!



I want to thank Stone River for coming to our aid in Superior, WI. We had pigeons living in the roof of our historic building and from my first contacting them to arrival was very quick. SRWC diagnosed the issue and had the tools with them to remove the birds and ensure they would not come into our facility again in the future. Great job and a very reasonable price for the work. They were also professional in all aspects of the service. They will be my first call if I need pest help in the future. People can reach out to me if they want to but definitely 5 Stars for SRWC!!!

Tony D T


Stone and I go way back - he's been to my 110-year-old house a number of times. Last summer he took care of the squirrel birthing center I was running out of my attic, as well as the plethora of mice that inhabited the walls of this old house. I've not seen a single piece of evidence of mice since, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

Then last week I noticed a peculiar rustling and knocking about in my basement and didn't hesitate to call Stone again. He was at my house within the hour and set a few live-traps for the squirrels outside, not finding any in the house. The traps filled up right away and he relocated several squirrels that evening. I heard more rustling around that night so I called him again and he came right away the next morning; he found two more holes where the little suckers were getting into my basement, sealed them off, and we hoped for the best.

Fast-forward through the weekend and I messaged him again because the remaining squirrel was still living his best life in my basement. Stone came out right away and after a small tussle, was able to remove the remaining offender successfully. Thanks to Stone, my entire family will now sleep easy, and my children will return to their own beds, no longer terrified of the rodent living in our basement.

Stone is our favorite guy whom we hope we never have to see again; he's the best wildlife control guy around, bar none.

Riva K


Stone River Wildlife Control responded to our problem with beavers immediately. I received a call back within a few minutes of leaving a message. Stone came to my home and carefully surveyed the problem. When one set of traps did not work, he used a different set until he got results. Thank you for your prompt and professional service!

Ann B


Thank you Stone River Wildlife Control! Your quick and professional personnel successfully trapped and removed a nuisance bear that evaded capture for several years. This bear had broken windows and doors in our Duluth home. The black bear was estimated to be approximately 645 pounds. It was a relief to our family to see the bear being driven away.

Thomas B


Very responsive and professional. We have had a persistent problem with skunks and now red squirrels. I now am much better prepared and confident we can now better manage the problem. Thank you Stone River Wildlife!



By far the nicest folks I have ever worked with!

Ginger Z


Could not be more pleased with the friendly, professional &. humane service. I had a stubborn problem with mice but Stone was able to solve it & at a very reasonble price. Could not ask for better service, I would recommend Stone River Wildlife to anyone,



Super fast service. Highly recommended



Thanks to Stone, we are a mice- and squirrel-free home!! Everyone is sleeping better at night and no one is afraid of their bedrooms anymore. Mom especially enjoys no longer having to share her bed with three kicky kids all night. Stone was able to come out to our house the day after I spoke with him; he spent less than two hours in my house and we have been pest-free ever since. His prices are terrific - I'd have gladly paid much more for the quality of service that we received. Thanks so much, Stone; we are recommending you to all our friends with "old home problems."

Leah S


So thankful for the prompt help I received on a Sunday. Had no idea what had gotten under our house, much less how to deal with it. I've paid pest control hundreds of dollars in the past and they didn't take care of the problem.



Stone went above and beyond a great job! He took my critter call "after hours" and responded quickly, even at the late hour. Friendly, experienced, and professional! Extremely reasonable pricing. If you have an animal issue do not hesitate to give Stone River Wildlife Control a call!



Stone River is just the best!! He came to help us deal with our pigeon infestation in the races if our house. He put up barriers so they couldn't get back in and took out the babies that were nesting and brought them to Wildwoods (most pest control companies would have killed them). Stone is a super nice guy too, who clearly cares about wild animals and wants to help us learn to deal with them in ways that benefit both the animal and the human. Plus-- he was about 1/4 the cost of another popular pest control company--bonus!!!



We had baby raccoons that were orphaned. I called and he was here within 15 minutes and was able to get at least one so far. It will go to Two Harbors with other raccoons and be released in the wild later. He was very kind and great with what he does. I highly recommend calling him with any wild creatures that need to be relocated

Erin A


Took care of our woodchuck infestation quickly and relocated them humanely - 6 woodchucks in all! Would highly recommend their services - friendly and honest local business!!

Jess R


Stone was at my home setting traps within a couple hours. Three days and seven skunks later, my problem is solved. Including fixing my shed so I won't have this problem again. He was prompt, knowledgeable, fair and friendly. I highly recommend Stone!



Stone is the best - he removed a whole gang of skunks for us. We had been trying to trap them ourselves for months and he showed up and caught them all in less than two days! He even took a call from us at 6am on a Sunday morning. He knows what he's doing and is very professional.

Ryan J


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stone was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He set up the necessary equipment and checked on it at various times throughout the days he was here removing SEVERAL woodchucks from our property. I will highly recommend him to everyone

Mary J


I was provided with fast and outstanding service! I left a message and was promptly answered within 10 minutes. There was sadly a dead fawn on my property and the removal was necessary. Stone provided me with fabulous and caring service and I would highly recommend!



My experience with Stone River was a positive one, from my first phone call to the trapping of a squirrel that had found its comfort level beneath my home.
Prompt, professional and reasonably priced are words I would use to describe the work that was done.
I have recommended Stone River Wildlife Control to neighbors and friends, in case they have a need for animal removal.
It is my pleasure to give this company a 5-star review!

Mary O


Stone provided an outstanding service in helping us with mice and bats in the attic. He answered all of our questions, was personable, and just a really nice guy. Thank you for coming out on such a short notice and fixing our problem. Thank you again. We recommend him highly.



Stone went above and beyond to prevent pigeons from nesting in my gutters. He didn't charge me for the last visit. Stone gently carried 2 baby pigeons down from the gutters. They were almost ready to fledge. He brought them to a wildlife center. I heartily recommend Stone!

Susan B


I have been telling all my friends about Stone and the wonderful job he does. I had squirrels that chewed through the eaves of my house and he took care of the job asap. He's not only fantastic on the job, he's fun to talk to and has a great personality.

Margie H


We were so pleased with the service from Stone River Wildlife Control. Stone came out right after we called about some animal chewing through our bunkhouse at the lake. The next day he caught a woodchuck. He sent us a picture, checked the perimeter for holes, patched the holes and gave us some tips for the future. Wonderful Service!

Joe D


I would highly suggest using Stone River Wildlife Control. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and proficient. Stone was at my residence within an hour of being called. Stone helped to solve the problem and the price could not have been better. If you are having any issues with any wildlife I would not hesitate to contact Stone River Wildlife Control. Highly recommended.



Phenomenal service! Stone came out within hours of our call to humanely trap and remove a mother raccoon and her kits from our family's chimney. He purchased materials to cap the chimney to prevent raccoons or squirrels from accessing our home in the future. He cut down a small tree that had allowed the raccoon to reach the roof. He showed us a video of the fireplace flue etc to confirm that the raccoons were gone.

We asked Stone to help with our seasonal mouse problem. He surveyed the entire outside of the home and foundation and caulked and sealed access points. He repaired the dryer vent. He repaired along the garage doors where mice had eaten away the weather stripping.

Finally, we had him remove and relocate a woodchuck from our backyard. Everything was completed in less than a day and a half!!!!!

The price was very reasonable. We expected to have paid much more for all the services Stone provided. We will not hesitate to call him in the future should the need arise. We recommend him highly.

Dori B


Extremely punctual service, friendly, courteous, and affordable. He showed up shortly after I called and took the skunk in our yard away - very carefully, so it did not spray our property, which we very much appreciate!!
We will be calling Stone River in the future with any further pest control needs. I highly recommend them!

Jillian G


Stone came the very day that I called & set a live trap for the skunk under our front porch, unfortunately for Stone we had a little Houdini on our hands that made capture difficult but he was persistent and on the 6th day we had success!!! Stone River Wildlife Control would be my first & ONLY call if we ever need him again!



I can't thank Stone River enought for the service I received ' Very nice worker and took care of hole in house tree limb and little baby sguirels all 6 THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Char C


Because I love and respect wildlife, I need to know that should a situation arise where I need help, I can turn to someone who I can trust 100% to be thoughtful and professional. Stone cares, and that is why I recommend his expertise.
I enlisted his help recently, and he came right over and assessed the situation. He lent me two 'tender traps' and gave me instructions which I followed to the letter.
Two weeks later I successfully and most importantly had humanely caught the little troublemaker.
Stone is the best. We are very fortunate to have him in our community.
I thank him and my wildlife friends thank him.
Five stars are not enough.
Stone, you get ten stars from me!

Robin Mainella A


Stone is quick to respond, knowledgeable, friendly, and gets the job done. Stone River Wildlife Control is the business to call if you want professional service with results. I also appreciated that Stone took the time to answer our questions to help us better understand raccoon behavior.

Angie F


Stone is very dedicated to what he does and cares about his customers. He is dependable and an expert in relocating problematic animals. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have live or dead animals removed.

Brian C


When you need pest control, there is no finer company than Stone River Wildlife Control.

We have had continued problems with muskrats that have devastated our gardens, island and tree roots. With Stone, I am a phone call away from total removal.

Along with a great service, he is also very nice person to have work for us.

You are more than welcome to contact me about his great service.

Ken S


Very fast, prompt, curteous service sealing up our wood siding so it wouldn't become a bird nest habitat! Thank you!



Dead skunk appeared in the yard, probably from resident foxes, and it kindly "disappeared" when I called Stone to pick it up for us.
Nice guy. Super service. Fair price.
Highly recommend.

Mary A