Stink-Free Skunk Removal

Nothing is quite as disgusting as having to bathe a pet that has encountered a skunk. The smell lingers for days, even if you use the best products on the market to remove it. If you have skunks on your residential or commercial property, call Stone River Wildlife Control at 218-269-0944.

Stone River Wildlife Control has over 35 years of experience in humanely trapping, removing, and relocating nuisance animals. Our technique for dealing with skunks keeps them calm, so 99% of the time, they don't spray their scent. Trust me - we don't want them spraying any more than you do!

Keeping an Ecological Balance

Skunks are actually good for the environment. They eat a variety of insects that we consider yard and garden pests. That's why we prefer to live trap them and relocate them to places far away from porches, decks, garden sheds, and other residential areas.

On the other hand, they occasionally carry distemper, a fatal disease that can spread to animals that haven't been vaccinated. Distemper affects the animal's nervous system, and death from distemper is a horrible thing. To prevent the spread of the disease, we euthanize skunks that show signs of it.

Our Recipe for Fighting Skunk Spray

Our Recipe for Fighting Skunk Spray

If you or your pet had an encounter with a skunk, I recommend the following cleaning solution:

  • Equal parts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon of dish soap
  • Dilute it with water
The baking soda neutralizes the odor and the hydrogen peroxide neutralizes molecules. The dish soap breaks down the oils. I don't recommend tomato juice - in my experience, it never works!