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Careful Squirrel Removal

One or two squirrels playing in your yard can be adorable, but squirrels living in the walls or attic of your home are not. They'll destroy your insulation to build their nests, and if they damage wiring, they can pose a fire hazard.

Stone River Wildlife Control has over 35 years of experience in live trapping and relocating squirrels and other nuisance animals. You can rely on us for prompt services and humane methods. Call us at 218-269-0944.

Proven Methods for Interior and Exterior Squirrel Control

When you have us remove squirrels, we'll explore your garage, deck, shed, and other interior and exterior areas where squirrels are known to hide.

We'll set up live traps to capture them. We will then relocate them to a suitable surrounding. Thereafter, we'll set up exclusion methods to keep them away, including blocking their entry points into your home.
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