Dependable Bat Exclusion

If you have bats in your home or business, call Stone River Wildlife Control at 218-269-0944. Prompt attention for bats is vital. If they stay in your building, they can do considerable damage to it. You can depend on us for a prompt removal and exclusion.

Bats are best handled by exclusion methods. Trust me to locate the entry points into your property and use proven methods to keep them out. Our methods are humane, and we value bats because they're an important part of our ecosystem - without bats, the mosquito problem would be worse!

Summer Hiatus From Bat Exclusion

At Stone River Wildlife Control, we use humane methods to remove your nuisance animals. When it comes to bats, we do not do exclusion from June 1st to August 15th. This is their maternity season when the bats give birth and care for their pups.

Prior to or after this time, bats will be removed from your property and all the entrance points will be sealed up.